Master class for music directors and teachers of preschool institutions “Non-traditional techniques in the development of musicality in preschool children”

Masterclass summary for music directors of preschool educational institutions “Unusual in the ordinary”

Master class for music directors and preschool teachers. "Unusual in the ordinary"

Goal: Development of creative methods and techniques in the development of musical abilities in preschoolers.

Equipment: Black box, plates, spoons, brushes, thick paper napkins, two pot lids, cardboard cups, glove puppets, cards with the words of the song, 5 ropes, cards with a graphic image of the melody, synthesizer.

1 Beginning.

Music director

Good afternoon, my friends! I suggest you now leave all your sorrows and hardships at the door and plunge into the magical world of musical art. They say that you need to start any business with a good mood and then success is guaranteed! Do you agree with me?

Then, put your palms together, cover your face with them, close your eyes... And imagine how all illnesses, sorrows and sorrows turn into a thin gray film... take the film with your hands, squeeze it tightly and pull it off yourself. You feel joy and lightness. We crumple the mask as much as possible, then rub it in our palms. The film turns into fine dust...we fill it with the kindness and warmth of our hot hearts: we draw as much air as possible into the lungs through the nose and quietly so that the grains of sand do not scatter when we blow on them. Well, now it’s time to share the goodness with others - open your palms, raise your hands up and throw up the sand. Welcome to the world of creativity and improvisation!

2 black box

Music director

Every fairy story has mystery, intrigue or magic. So today we cannot do without magical attributes. ( A black box is taken out


What do you need for the box to work?.. Of course, magic words! What magic words do you know? Repeat the words after me, clapping your palms on your knees:

ene-bene-raba, misli-masli-kumpa - teli, hokkeri-dockeri ( it is suggested to come up with continuation of phrases, try to accompany the speech by patting other parts of the body, listening to the change in sound. Examples: Ene-bene-rama - mom bought a doll / cooked porridge mother; misli-masli- kumpateli – the birds flew away to the south / they sang a song / we ate porridge with butter, etc.)

We did a great job with the words! And what has the box prepared for us?! ...

No. 3 Creak ( The box opens, the hand goes inside

the question hangs in the air)
No. 4 Game

Do you like to play? ( What? On what?)


They say we are young as long as the desire to play lives in us! And it doesn’t matter what or with what, be it musical instruments, board games or the nerves of the people around us. And now I invite you to play the game “Pig in a Bag” with me.

Rules of the game. On the floor there are ropes symbolizing the lines on the staff (How many should there be, who can tell me? Exactly five, according to the number of fingers on the hand.)

I ask the most responsible of my colleagues to check if everything is correct. (
An error is detected - extra or missing lines)
I have cards in my hands with the image of a melody (
the cards are shown
Instead of notes, the cards show animals. Players take turns putting their hand into the bag and pulling out a toy. (You can give the opportunity to describe the object that you came across or guess what animal it is without looking)..
I ask you to put the toys on your hand.
Each animal has its own name, which is written on it. Shall we meet? (The music director plays each note, the players each sing their name, bowing with the toy)
I ask the person in charge to take the cards in hand. The animals dance to the music, repeating the movements of the musical hand; at the end of the music, the person in charge shows the card for reading. Players must take their places on the staff according to the location on the card as soon as possible. (Cards can be of several types: with images of animals instead of notes, with images of notes of the same color, different colors)
. The game begins!

No. 5 Dance (pause, play three times)

Music director We played, danced, sang, we learned the notes and got a little tired. Time to take a deep breath, put your hands on your chest, turn right, left and quietly..... (fall asleep) Rest! While we are resting, I suggest you take another look at the black box.

No. 6 Creak

(Get a plate, spoon, glass, napkin). Apparently, our magic is a little expired... Why do we need these objects in the world of music? What are they for? What else can you do with them? Can they be used as musical instruments? (Yes)

Want to try? We are creating an ensemble called…. (teachers suggest names). Ensemble artists selected:

— Who has heard the song “Antoshka” and likes to hum it? You will be soloists. ( Soloists are given hint cards with words)

-Who can draw a circle? You will draw circles on the table with plates.

-Who can reach everyone? You will be knocking spoon against spoon.

— Who is always happy to come to the aid of his partner, the assistant teacher? – You will clean with brushes, and you will wash the napkin by hand.

— Who likes to relax a little during their lunch break and drink a glass of coffee? Your task is to beat out the rhythm using cups.

- Who likes to finish what they start? You are given the most responsible position - to put an end to the end of the performance with a blow of the lids.

And I ask everyone else to help me set the rhythm of the entire composition by clapping my hands.

(A short rehearsal takes place)

Attention attention! For the first time in the hall of the Zhuravsky kindergarten, the combined instrumental ensemble “______” with its sensational composition “Bring a spoon to dinner” Ensemble performance

Many thanks to the artists for a great performance! You are real musicians and creators! No. 7 Final

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