DIY napkin applique: templates and blanks for children. Photos of beautiful applications + step-by-step instructions

What is special about applications for children?

Children take an active part in making crafts using napkins. This technique is most common among younger children – three-year-olds.

This is due to the fact that the manufacturing technology is so simple that they happily get to work and learn to make crafts with their own hands.

During the creative process, the children develop the inclinations for creativity, develop fine motor skills, and learn to work with the material necessary to create an applique (scissors, glue, napkins, etc.).

Due to the fact that children of primary preschool age begin to engage in this craft, the designs for appliqués are chosen to be simple in both form and complexity of design.

Affordable and wonderful crafts from napkins

Napkins are an easily accessible and inexpensive material that everyone definitely has in their home.

Using your imagination, it is easy to create quite interesting and attractive products from them, using only scissors and glue.

Crafts made from napkins differ from others in their volume and texture. They are original and unusual, not like classic appliqués made using colored paper using templates.

Children will definitely like these crafts, because this process is a very addictive and delightful pastime.

Openwork products

If desired, thin napkins can be used to create delicate crafts with an openwork pattern. A similar technique is used to create not only snowflakes, but also flower arrangements, as well as airy Christmas angels.

To create an angel, a white napkin is cut along the edge with sharp scissors in accordance with a pre-designed pattern. A small paper ball is placed in the middle and wrapped with thread, forming a head.

The workpiece is folded into a cone, the edge is glued, and dried.
Wings in the shape of triangles are made from the second napkin. They are also decorated with carved patterns.

Glue the wings on the angel and decorate the product with a ribbon.

Rowan branch

Here, for example, is a very easy craft for young children - from three to five years old. For it you will need:

  1. Multi-colored cardboard for the base.
  2. Green colored paper.
  3. Napkins of the same shade.
  4. PVA glue.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Pencils.

Operating procedure:

  1. First of all, the outlines of the future branch are outlined on a piece of cardboard.
  2. For convenience, you can use ready-made drawings or photos of rowan applications made from napkins. Or you can do it yourself.
  3. The kids will definitely like the next stage - berries are formed from a napkin. To do this, you need to cut them into squares with a side of about five centimeters.
  4. Each such instance will form one ball. The work must be done only with dry hands.
  5. When all the berries are rolled, you need to stick each one onto a branch using PVA. Here you should use a glue brush.
  6. The final part is cutting out and gluing green leaves onto the branch. After this, the application can be considered complete.

In a similar way, it is possible to create a bunch of different products, which are not at all difficult to come up with.

Video tutorials on crocheting beautiful napkins

Napkin “Peacock Feather”

In this video tutorial, the author suggests crocheting a napkin called “Peacock Feather”. The diameter of the napkin is 77 cm. For knitting, I used CoCo yarn; the napkin took 3.5 skeins. Part 1, look for the continuation on

The video should load here, please wait or refresh the page.

Delicate beautiful crochet napkin

The dimensions of the napkin are 70 cm. Yarn consumption is approximately 2 skeins of Pekhorka Successful (50 g/220 m), hook number 1.5 mm.

The video should load here, please wait or refresh the page.

Large beautiful crochet napkin

A large beautiful two-color round napkin (or small tablecloth). Diameter - 70 cm. Thread - phlox (25g/155m), consumption - almost 4 skeins. Hook - 1.15 mm.

The video should load here, please wait or refresh the page.

Application "Cherry"

The next way to use napkins as a craft material is twisted flagella. Children of senior preschool age will be able to start creating a beautiful applique with the help of them, due to the fact that this method will be a little more difficult than the previous one.

For the child to start working, he will need three napkins, all of different colors - green, dark red or cherry, and any color that is not a single color.

  1. To begin with, take a green napkin and cut it into equal squares, each of which is then cut into three rectangles.
  2. After this, you need to take the resulting figure and twist it so that you get a thin rope; to do this, a piece of the product is held on one side, and on the other, at the same time, the sheet is twisted in the opposite direction. The action is repeated with each rectangular piece of napkin.
  3. Once all the green rectangles are twisted, you can take on other colors and the whole technology is repeated again.
  4. Having prepared all the parts, you need to start laying them out using prepared multi-colored strands.
  5. Multi-colored flagella are taken first, and the edging of the future craft is laid out - leaves, berries.
  6. Then the leaves are filled with green ones, and the cherries with red ones.
  7. All parts should be attached to a sheet of paper using scattered glue. Once all the parts are glued on, take a colored marker and trace the edge of the image.
  8. After this, the volumetric part of the design is carefully cut out and, using glue, pasted onto a previously prepared sheet of velvet colored paper, carefully pressed with a suitable object and removed until the product is completely dry.

After which the applique is used to decorate the room.

Application “Tree” using quilling technique

The next fascinating and unique method is quilling, which children in the middle preschool group can master. During creative work using this technology, you will need the following materials:

  • Paper of different colors;
  • Napkins of either one color or several, preferably consisting of three layers;
  • Scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • Glue brushes;
  • Toothpicks.

Operating procedure:
  1. The procedure for making an applique for children four to five years old should begin with preparing the background, which is made using colored paper (gluing sheets together).
  2. A napkin of a non-uniform shade must be cut into identical strips four centimeters wide, which should then be folded, and this must be done more than once.
  3. When all the parts are ready, take toothpicks and screw bent pieces of napkin onto them. Then they are released, and thus a spiral is obtained - the future leaves of the autumn tree.
  4. As soon as the blanks for the crown are ready, you can begin making branches and the tree trunk itself. To do this, you need to take a brown napkin and cut it into strips, then glue it from the inside, creating something like a flagellum.
  5. Then, using the resulting bundles, a tree trunk is assembled, to which branches with autumn leaves are glued.

There are many more interesting and similar napkin applications that can be found by consulting the relevant sources.

After studying them, you can choose what you like most, take the necessary material and start creating.


You will need: white napkins, bobby pin, thread, marker, stems and leaves, scissors.

Master Class

  1. Fold the napkin like an accordion.
  2. Fix it with an invisible one in class=”aligncenter” width=”806″ height=”580″[/img]
  3. Cut off the ends of the napkin.
  4. Color the ends of the napkin with a marker.
  5. Remove the bobby pin and tie it with thread class=”aligncenter” width=”805″ height=”580″[/img]
  6. Form a bud: to do this, you need to crumple each layer of napkin from the center to the edges.
  7. Attach the stem with leaves to the bud.

  8. Make the required number of carnations in the same way.

Paper napkin carnations are ready! I recommend watching this video!

How to make FLOWERS FROM NAPKINS / DIY: Paper Napkin Flowers / NataliDoma

Photo of napkin applique

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