Fire safety crafts - unusual solutions with 100 photos. Step-by-step instructions for creating simple DIY crafts

Creating three-dimensional figures

When performing thematic work, children often create combined crafts, which involve modeling with plasticine and cutting out fire truck boxes from thin cardboard.

When the car shape is cut out, its edges are then glued together to form a box. Then a fire escape cut out of hard cardboard is added to this box.

It is glued so that it becomes clear that this is a fire truck. Both the car and the stairs are painted red.

Firefighters in such a theatrical scene are most often made of plasticine. Although it happens, sometimes they do it differently. First, cut out human figures from green or orange paper.

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Then they are glued with a special footrest to the base of the stage. Hoses can be drawn. They snake across the stage from cars to human figures, and from the surface they are made with glued threads, colored accordingly.

Photo report on the topic of the week: “Fire safety”

MBOU "Yantarnenskaya School named after. V.V. Kubrakov"

structural unit "Kindergarten"

Photo report on the topic of the week “Fire Safety” in the mixed-age group “Sun” (5-7 years).

Educator: Yudina L.V.

Report on the topic of the week “Fire Safety” in a mixed-age group.

Ignorance by preschoolers of basic fire safety rules is one of the main causes of fires in which children remain to blame. Our group is constantly working to disseminate and popularize knowledge about fire safety rules. After all, fire is a terrible force, and in order to defeat it, you need to have certain knowledge and skills. Teaching children to navigate in danger is an important task for adults. In this regard, the group held a “Fire Safety” week.

Conversations were held with children on the following topics:

“Fire safety rules at home and on the street

"Caution - electrical appliances"

“This match is not big”

“The work of firefighters

Preschoolers became familiar with objects that could cause a fire (matches, lighters)

. We learned a lot about the harm that playing with fire can cause.

We took the kids on a tour of the kindergarten, where we learned about fire alarms and how to act in the event of a fire, and conducted a training evacuation from the group.

The children listened with interest to the teacher’s story: what a fire extinguisher is and what it is needed for.

We read books on fire safety, solved riddles on the topic, and played games. Children actively participated in the discussion, worried about the characters, retold stories, and drew illustrations for the works.

In the safety corner they created a wall newspaper with pictures, where children looked at them and discussed certain situations. We created a lapbook, an album, a wall newspaper on fire safety, educational games and a folder for parents with advice on fire safety.

During the classes, children were engaged in productive activities: they drew fire and fire equipment, and sculpted a fireman.

They took part in a fire relay race, during which they expanded and consolidated children’s ideas about behavior in the event of a fire; improved the level of physical fitness of children; fostered a sense of friendship, cohesion, collectivism, a desire to win and empathy.

An excursion to the fire department was organized. The students listened attentively as the fireman talked about how to behave if there was a fire and about his job. The children's attention was drawn to the fire extinguisher; the fireman showed how to use it correctly. He explained what was in the fire truck and what the equipment was needed for. The children vied with each other to ask questions to the fireman, and most importantly, live.

came into contact with a man
of a “fiery”
profession and gained respect for him.


The culmination of the week was the fire safety crafts competition “No to Fire

, in which children and their parents took an active part.

The project was carried out on the basis of a group of different ages. All planned work on the project was completed. Thus, the implementation of the project together with teachers, parents and children shows how important the role of an adult is in forming a model for the problem of safety of preschool children.

Theatrical scenes

By doing children's crafts on the topic of fire safety, children learn eye control and precision of movements. Since when creating such crafts, a whole ensemble of objects is often created. A theatrical miniature painting is created.

Where everything should correspond to its size and proportions. When working with such crafts, children learn three-dimensional and holistic thinking and presentation. The brain learns to analyze and compare.

Such DIY crafts reinforce the skills acquired while working with different materials. First, individual fragments are made. Firefighter. Car, view of fire. And then a theatrical picture is created in volume.

The basis for such a scene is any box, from which one side part is cut out. It turns out the finished scene. So it is filled with the necessary acting characters. From paper, cardboard, plasticine.

What should be in the fire safety corner

The corner should include a poster with thematic graphic and text information, toys and toy fire extinguishing equipment for acting out fire extinguishing scenes and electrical appliances with children.

Action plan in case of fire

The action plan should illustrate safe ways to exit the premises in an emergency.


  • arrows indicate the direction of movement to the exits;
  • emergency exits;
  • main and alternate routes;
  • The locations of fire protection equipment, first aid kits, fire alarm buttons, and de-energization points are marked.

Output designations

Poster about primary fire extinguishing agents

On a poster dedicated to primary fire extinguishing means, their images should be placed:

  • fire shield and its contents;
  • fire extinguishers, their types and rules of use;
  • box with sand + shovel;
  • container with water and buckets;
  • fiberglass for extinguishing minor fires;
  • hose for connection to the tap.

Teaching children 6-7 years old how to draw step by step

Rules for working with a fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is designed to eliminate small fires when a fire has just started.

The fire safety corner should include:

  • a poster on the rules for using this device;
  • image of a fire extinguisher, its components with signatures of each element;
  • rules for the location of the device;
  • preparation for use and application.

Each stage should be illustrated and accompanied by text information.

For your information! To start the device, you need to break the seal and pull the pin. Then position the sprayer in the direction of the source of fire and press the lever.


  • should be extinguished from the windward side;
  • on an open surface, the jet should be directed towards the base of the flame, and in niches - upward;
  • It is most effective to work in a group and use several fire extinguishers;
  • Do not bend the hose;
  • when extinguishing an electrical installation, you do not need to bring the powder device closer than 1 m to the combustion source;
  • It is recommended to simmer at intervals of 5 seconds;
  • When working with a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, do not touch the socket due to the risk of frostbite on your hands.

Fire extinguisher and its use

Preschool evacuation plan

The kindergarten evacuation plan must be presented on a poster in the form of a diagram of all kindergarten premises. At the bottom of the stand you should indicate the numbers of rescue services and information that should be provided to firefighters (address of the institution, location of the fire, your last name). All symbols and their meaning must be in the form of icons.

A funny presentation of a serious topic

When creating crafts about fire safety, set a cheerful tone. Drawings and crafts should not be alarming. Concern with a touch of humor and jokes - this is the main direction of such children's crafts. Along the way, the rules of behavior of people in case of fire are studied. What to do and what not to do.

There should be an explanation for children why they are not allowed to use matches. Along the way, crafts are made from plasticine depicting a matchbox and a fire.

And nearby there is a fire extinguisher and a man with a hose and mask. Here several useful things are done for the child at once. He gains knowledge, trains his fingers, his mind, and learns things useful for life. It turns out to be fun in the form of a game.

General rules for stand design

A standard size has been developed for the stand: 490 x 770 mm, but it can vary. The main requirement is good perception of information. Pictures should be clear and bright, and easy-to-read text and diagrams should be presented on a contrasting background. Important information needs to be conveyed in simple language, divided into blocks of attention.

Stand example

Modern means of attracting attention: infographics, flip books

Thanks to the properties of visual memory, the child will reliably learn information on the topic of fire.

Art lesson on the topic “Border guard with a dog” in senior groups of preschool educational institutions

A fire safety corner in a preschool institution may include:

  • texts and images illustrating the risks when using matches, household electrical appliances, sockets;
  • possible consequences of careless handling;
  • procedure for action in the event of an emergency;
  • description of the activities of firefighters;
  • telephone numbers to call in case of an emergency;
  • themed toys: fire trucks, rescue figures, fire extinguishers;
  • pop-up books whose characters show correct and dangerous examples of handling electrical appliances in everyday life;
  • other materials to familiarize your child with safety rules.

Note! Important information is quickly and clearly perceived and assimilated by the child thanks to the use of infographic elements. It transmits data through images, tables, diagrams.

Another example of a fire corner

Actions in case of fire in pictures

Illustrations, supplemented with text, will help to clearly tell preschoolers about the main causes of fires.

Among them:

  • careless actions;
  • game with matches;
  • included electrical appliances and gas stoves;
  • use of pyrotechnics.

The preschooler must learn the rules of behavior if the fire begins to spread:

  • dial the fire department phone number 01 and call rescuers;
  • extinguish minor fires with a blanket;
  • get out of the building and close the door behind you, and if this is not possible, go out onto the balcony and breathe through a damp cloth.

In a separate block you should use pictures that show what is not allowed:

  • fill electrical appliances with water;
  • hide in the back of the room;
  • use the elevator and stairs if there is smoke.

Poster "Fighting Fire"

The need for such training

Working with children in this direction, kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers lay the foundations of fire safety in children.

To which growing children will return many times. In different variations, in different designs.

These crafts, like many others, will help them better understand the world around them. Feel the texture of materials to the touch, their pliability.

Children learn to be creative when creating crafts. This means that when they grow up, they will create something new that has not yet existed. And that's great.

Fire safety signs and other pictures

Lyudmila Maksimchuk, poetess, writer, artist, Member of the Union of Writers of Russia, Moscow city organization

* * * I recently published a book, “Fire and Light,” essays for children on a fire theme, with the author’s illustrations. Here are the excerpts. * * * Poem “Fire and Light”

Instead of an introduction

Once the children were resting in a clearing by the river. They swam all day, sunbathed and played, picked strawberries, and picked flowers for home. They were already getting ready to go home - Lo and behold, lights had come running from somewhere to that clearing.

These are the reflections of the sun that sparkled here and there on the strawberry leaves and ran through the flowers.

Suddenly one of the lights seemed to come to life, became brighter, Shined and sparkled between the collected flowers,

He became taller - Amazed the kids!

And then he spoke - I was even more surprised:

“You guys, calm down, don’t run at full speed. I’ve long wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with you.”

The oldest boy spoke boldly: “Who are you, and what do we care about you?”

“I am a cheerful Light, a light, clear firefly.

I’ve been quietly watching you for a long time and I want to say one thing: I want to help you,

I’m not going to offend you, I’ll try to teach you, so that you don’t get into trouble, so that you are happy.

Just don't be scared, move closer. Don’t be distracted from my story!”

The Children looked at each other, and then sat down on the green grass next to the Light.

Chapter I. Ogonyok's story

...I am in New Year's garlands, In the brilliance of the sun's rays, I am in spring round dances And in the flowering fields,

In warm drops of dew, In splashes by the river spit,

In summer games around the fire, in winter fairy tales until the morning.

I am obedient to man, I bring warmth and light, I am needed everywhere, everywhere, Without me there is no life.

I am in the movement of cars, airplanes, ships, Man is my master, I am an assistant for people.

Just know from an early age: I have an older brother, He was born many thousands of years ago.

He is Fire, not Light, He is cunning and cruel,

Insatiable, merciless, Sweeps away everything on the way, Walls, doors and locks - Don't joke with this brother!

It is not in vain that they say that fire is always dangerous.

So, learn to think and beware of the elements.

After all, a light flash is enough to turn from a baby sparkle into a Monster-Fire. What do you know about him?

But where did he come from? Why is he so scary? And why is he so formidable?

Chapter II. Ancient legend

...Everything is not so simple in the world, on Earth and in Heaven. Our ancestors used to live on plains and forests,

They lived hungry and meagerly, They lived short and difficult,

Either they suffered from the dampness, or they shivered from the cold, and they knew almost no warmth, they waited for the sun and summer, they waited for sunlight, their caves were warmed only by the bright light of day; But they didn’t light the fire - There was simply no fire.

But it happened that one day the very brave and brave Famous Prometheus took pity on ordinary people.

Knowing their sorrowful lot, He brought from Heaven with Him Deliverance from troubles, the Highest Gift - warmth and light.

Prometheus is a special case, an amazing hero! He paid for it. At a very high price -

So he fulfilled his duty, Otherwise he could not live!

...So the Fire came to Earth, To serve people, And, of course, it was necessary to protect and guard the Gift.

What did people do? How was the gift appreciated?

People began to rejoice and control nature; After all, with Fire you can see even at night, After all, with Fire you will be warm and satisfying, After all, with Fire you will no longer freeze and starve!

...It’s a pity that people were unable to appreciate the Gift of Heaven, But they imagined that now they are omnipotent, That now they are free, They will overcome anything, That the wild beast is not afraid, That they are now kings.

They left stoves, furnaces and fires unattended, they fought, they fought, they burned the houses of their enemies, they destroyed their yards.

And what did they wait for? What did you end up with?

...So the poor man, the unreasonable man, punished himself forever:

I lost my caution and suffered for it.

From that time on, Fire, agile, impudent, greedy, rebellious, is ready to burn and burn everything; In three minutes anything will turn into a big oven;

He promises warmth, but hides a great evil!

Chapter III. Meeting with Fire

Before we had time to look back, the Fire itself was right there: “Who’s sleeping here? It's time to wake up! Two minutes is enough for me

Maybe one will be enough...” - “Brother, you’re too angry!” –

“I didn’t immediately become like how they paint a flame. It’s people, my brother, who have themselves to blame!”

The children were frightened by a huge Giant: He stood in front of them like a rampart, Breathed with intense heat, The treacherous brother blew black smoke around.

And the guys got scared - They instantly ran away, Hidden and don’t know what to do next... But the cheerful Light asked to cool down

Brother irrepressible, daring, homeless.

Ogonyok objects to the heartless Brother: “Don’t be angry and give me time - People will learn a lesson And children will be taught for future good and eternal things!”

Fire grins - Fire answers: “Am I dreaming?” The brother said: “No.

I'll call the kids, I'll tell you everything you need. Just don’t bother me, don’t appear before my eyes!”

The Fire promised mercy, the One with whom there is no sweetness:

“I have no peace, Almighty Fire, I get so angry at times - I’m afraid of myself, If I fall apart, If I fall apart!!!

I know people - I despise them all! But I will respect you - And your company, So be it, I will not turn into ashes or soot.

Well, while I wait, I’ll look at the kids, stupid, incomprehensible and sloppy.

I’ll sit on the sidelines at the gas station!”

...Indeed, he walked away on a dry trail.

Ogonyok decided to quickly continue the conversation. He called the children again, sat them in a circle: “Are you ready yet?” - “Begin, my friend!”

Ogonyok smiled: “I am always your friend!”

But I want to warn you - I will teach you strictly!”

...The children were very inattentive at first, only the girl listened diligently,

I remembered how I recently saw a fire... The imperturbable flame continued:

“Know, children, there is no harmless fire! The flame of pity does not know... Here, listen to me.”

Chapter IV. How does this happen? How do fires happen?

And so the Light began, a light, clear firefly.

Story one

Mom turned on the iron, and suddenly a neighbor came to see her. Mom forgot about the iron, And the conversation flowed;

We had a heart-to-heart conversation... And the smoke was pouring out thickly! That’s when they realized it, They rushed about, they spun, They were poisoned by the acrid smoke, They lost a lot of strength.

They didn’t call at “01” And they forgot where the water was... Fortunately, the children were at school, They were not touched by trouble.

Well, when there is a flame in the window, And in the entrance there is smoke and stench, And above, above the floors, Burning, and whistling, and black hail -

Then the fire trucks themselves sense where it is burning, and the fire brigade flies like an arrow to the call.

It’s good that they arrived in time, It’s good that people were saved... Three apartments burned down. It's good that there are only three...

And the neighbors suffered. Those who had nothing to do with it. Previously, they didn’t know how much it was, but now they know what it costs!

Story two

Dad lit a cigarette in bed - He was tired at work. Less than half an hour passed, I quietly dozed off.

I was lucky that my son saw him and put out the cigarette. Who jokes with a cigarette? ...But dad wasn’t joking.

In the morning dad woke up, his son said to him: “If someone smokes while lying down, it means he will burn alive!”

Story three

The trees are slender and elegant, the lights on them are burning. New Year's garlands shine attractively,

And the lanterns are colored, And the gifts are miracles! It's good when New Year's beauty is lucky.

...Once on a New Year's holiday there were guests until the morning. Cake, candy, Fanta, sweets, Fireworks, laughter, game,

Fables, dances, songs, speeches - the ceiling almost collapsed! ...The overturned candles summed it all up.

The life of the housewife is in question; Five were barely saved, together with Grandfather Frost they were carried away on a stretcher.

...The New Year is such a “fable”, It will repeat itself again... How dangerous is the holiday, If you celebrate it like this!

Story four

The newest TV, finally bought; Immediately connected to an electrical outlet,

Or rather, not to the outlet - To the tee with a load: “So what? It will do for a while - Simply, in Russian!

The heater is next door, And the computer is through the wall, On the sofa there is a heating pad and an electric blanket. There is so much equipment in the apartment, but there is no control!!!

Somewhere they reported something, And they wrote instructions, They demanded something, So that the fire could be prevented with the right approach.

Eh, why didn’t anyone listen to Smart words? Simplicity is sometimes worse than theft.

Day after day I got away with it, But one day or suddenly...

Would anyone have thought that something strange would happen? – There is a malfunction in the TV outside.

The TV instantly burst into flames like straw... Only the grandmother and children remained at home.

The old lady was so scared that she locked herself in the bedroom... The story is sad - And the ending is sad.

Fortunately, the children survived, (Black, grimy), because the firefighters arrived on time.

And other neighbors were also removed from the attack. If you were a little late for help, you would hardly survive!

Story five

There is nothing worse than a fire in the kitchen. There is a stove working here, there are a lot of appliances here,

Flame of a gas burner, intense heat of electric stoves. All you have to do is gape, it will immediately flare up and burn

Either spilled grease, or a rag... Or forgotten laundry Above the oven in disarray, Dries at night, dries during the day...

And then... It is already known what happens next. “...How are the guys, I wonder? And I myself, an honest critic, haven’t bored you yet?”

...The children listen to the stories and worry, and then, vying with each other, they smartly answer:

“No, my friend, continue, We need science. We already understand: the fire is not a simple joke.”

“Okay,” said Ogonyok, “Let your studies be useful!”

What have we forgotten? What hasn’t been covered yet?”

The kids remember, and then they list,

Light corrects them and clarifies the details:

“They lit a fire in the forest, But they didn’t put it out... They forgot to put out the cigarette butts in a hurry, Or they decided to throw them in the trash can...

They set fire to last year's grass with laughter... They played with matches, Not in a dream, but in reality,

Behind the woodpile. There’s definitely no time for dreams here!!!

Here - there was a lighter lying around at the gas station... Here they gave a firecracker in the hands of the Little Sister...

Pyrotechnics in general are dangerous for people, and adults allow children to see them in vain!”

October 2012

Photos of fire safety crafts

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